Welcome at Amphora!

Amphora is a versatile company and specializes in European cultural tours. On this page you can read what Amphora can do for you.

Travel agency

With our travel agency based in Austria we make cultural trips through Europe. Are you a wine lover? In Amphora you will find the experienced traveling companion who will take you on a voyage of discovery through the European wine regions. With a passion for the exuberant life we ​​share our knowledge about wine. We will tell you about it and of course let you taste it! Not only do we organise wine tastings, but also we let you taste some culinary regional dishes. During these trips it does not matter whether you know a lot or a little about wines: there is room for everyone. On the travel page you will find our current offer and an agenda for the upcoming months.

City guide

Austria. With her beautiful cities to wander around. You will find a passionate city guide in Amphora that takes you to the soul of the Austrian cities. A city guide that will let you experience the surroundings, history and cultural heritage through fascinating anecdotes and legends. Who knows the special places that others pass by and, for example, point out the special restaurants where you would otherwise never end up. View here our city guide offer.

How do we work?

We are affiliated in Austria with the Bundesministerium for the travel agency where all conditions and provisions, such as the securities for international travelers, are laid down. The Bundesministerium is comparable to the English ABTA and ATOL. Read more about this in our Impressum.

We hope to see you soon!

Greetings from Austria,
Sandor Cheizoo and team