About Amphora

Sandor Cheizoo started in 1991 as a coach driver / tourmanager in tourism and was working during the winter season in Austria. In 1996 he started to become more independent and he set up a company in wine and culture tours through Europe. The combination of the city of Salzburg, the beautiful nature and the possibilities for winter sports made Austria the perfect place for Sandor. In 2001 he decided to settle here. Around 2003, Amphora was founded. The company has been around for more than 10 years and Sandor and his team are familiar faces for many travelers. Sandor still organises cultural tours starting in Austria and the Netherlands, is a Dutch certified city guide for Salzburg and Austria. Sandor's travels and city walks are characterised by his ever-present enthusiasm and the amount of knowledge he shares with his audience.


The name Amphora

The amphora is a ceramic jug from the Phoenician, Greek and Roman cultures. In the amphora wine and olives were transported over the long distances by ship. The jug has the elements wine, travel and culture: exactly what Amphora stands for!


In the media

IIn February 2018 an interview with Sandor appeared in Austria Magazine. You can read the interview here: oostenrijk magazine.pdf. IIn 2017 and 2016 Sandor shared his Silent Night tour and hotspots in Salzburg with Austria Magazine: oostenrijk magazine2017.pdf and oostenrijk magazine2016.pdf

In 2015, Amphora sponsored a summer camp for refugees between the ages of 16 and 25, about which the next piece was published in the Salzburger Nachtrichten: sommerkamp.pdf. In July 2011 an article was published in the Salzburger Nachrichten about Sandor and in August that same year an interview with Sandor about the Steingassenfest:  werwowie.pdf & steingassenfest.pdf. he Stadsblatt interviewed Sandor in 2009 as a wine specialist:  stadblatt.pdf

Enthusiastic about Amphora?

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