7 days Occitanie

This flight and bustrip to the Occitania region in southern French takes us on the trail of the Cathars and the Templars. We fly to Toulouse, the regional capital. From here we continue with our luxery bus. We visit, among others, Toulouse, the fortified city of Carcassonne, Foix (worth seeing castle with three different towers) and the dwarf state of Andorra. The culinary aspect must of course not be neglected!

1ste day Occitanie

We fly to Toulouse with a stopover in Paris. From the airport we drive to our castle hotel in Couiza located directly on the Aude river. Depending on the arrival time at the airport, you either go directly to the hotel or we collect the first impressions on the way. We enjoy dinner at the hotel. If there is still time, you are welcome to use the outdoor pool.

2nd Day Mirepoix – Foix – Montségur

First we will visit Mirepoix, whose picturesque old town is surrounded by a city wall. The extremely unusual Saint-Maurice Cathedral consists of a single Gothic nave. We are in Foix at noon. On a small hill in the middle of the village is the castle with the three different towers, which we will visit. The Foix walls withstood the onslaught of the crusaders in the 13th century. In the late afternoon we visit Montségur, this ruin was once the refuge of the Cathars.

3rd Day Andorra

A brilliant drive through the Pyrenees, where the small principality of Andorra lies in the border area between French and Spain. "Small but nice" - the Andorrans are proud of the long war-free history of their country but also of the music and folklore dance tradition. The tax haven has some beautiful Romanesque churches and a beautiful mountain landscape to offer. The capital of the dwarf state is Andorra la Vella and is full of shopping streets that tempt you to go shopping.

4th day Minerve – Agde – Noilly Prat

Minerve, a medieval place built on a rock, is our first stop. Located between the Brian and Cesse rivers, Minerve can only be reached by a small bridge and only connected to the surrounding plateau and its vineyards by a rocky ridge. The Cathars entrenched themselves in this place after the Béziers bloodbath, which you can explore on your own this morning. In the late morning we drive on to the Mediterranean town of Agde. Here you have enough time for lunch and for a walk on the beach. In the afternoon we visit the Noilly Prat company, where French Vermouth is produced. During a tour including tasting you will learn everything about this drink. Is particularly interesting.

5th Day Carcassonne

Carcassonne is one of the most impressive fortifications in French! Within the double wall ring, narrow streets, artisans, restaurants and cafés and of course the architecturally impressive Basilica of Saint-Nazaire and the castle of the Counts of Trencavel, built in the 12th century, have an irresistible charm. The city was considered the center of the heretical Cathar movement, then defeated in the Albigensian crusades and in the 13th century was home to the central administration of the southern French Inquisition. During this time, the outer ring wall was built, which Carcassonne was to make impregnable. The entire defensive wall of the city is accessible for visitors. We spend the whole day in Carcassonne.  After a guided tour including a visit to the castle, there is still enough time to visit the ring wall or simply enjoy the city on a terrace with a glass of wine.

6th Day Toulouse

Today the capital of the Occitania region, Toulouse. This metropolis was already the capital of the province of Languedoc in the Middle Ages. There are many beautiful historical buildings in the old city center, which we get to know on a guided tour. In the afternoon we have plenty of time to walk around the city and taste regional specialties. Overnight and dinner in Toulouse.

7th day Toulouse – home

Unfortunately, time flies too quickly and we have to pack our bags again. With a stopover in Paris it goes back home.

This trip included the following services:

  • Flight from ... to Toulouse (return)
  • Travel with minivan
  • Experienced bus driver / guide
  • 5x Bed and breakfast in Couiza
  • 5x Dinner in the hotel
  • Entry Foix Castle
  • Guided tour Carcassonne
  • Entry Carcassonne Castle
  • Guided tour and entrance Noilly Prat
  • City tour Toulouse
  • 3-Course menu Toulouse
  • 1x Overnight stay with breakfast Toulouse

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