Peer Gynt

The story of Peer Gynt
Peer Gynt is a play written by Hendrik Ibsen in 1867. The music was written by Edvard Grieg. The main theme of the story of Peer Gynt is the deliberate or unintentional confusion of lies and truth by Peer. His mother Åse called him a liar, whereupon Peer said: 'It is the truth.' Peer begins in this piece as a boastful, carefree liar but as a disarming sympathetic boy. The opposite is the unscrupulous egoist who forms and develops in his fantasy world, but is also clearly present outside of it. He leaves the shabby Norwegian village to become emperor after his mother has died. Peer is now a rich merchant in Morocco. He acts shamelessly in everything that yields money, but especially in slaves. He gets the opportunity to find someone who knows his true 'I', but nobody wants to know him. Peer gives in until he hears Solveig sing. This time he decides to go through all the problems, to go and return to Solveig. She is the one who knows the true Peer. During this trip we will look for traces of Peer Gynt in Norway. We visit the Ibsen Museum in Oslo and the Grieg Museum in Bergen. As a highlight we go to the open air version of Peer Gynt at Gålåmeer.

Day 1: Home - Oslo
Today you fly to Oslo, the capital of Norway. The next two nights we will be a guest in this city. In the afternoon we make a small city tour and we will visit the Karl Johans Gate and the Vigelandpark.

Day 2: Oslo
We start with a visit to the Ibsen Museum. In this house Hendrik Ibsen spent the last years of his life and a large part of the house is still in its original state. Here we can see some of Ibsens work. Afterwards we visit the old city with the national theater that includes a statue of Ibsen in front of the building. In the afternoon you have time to discover Oslo. Oslo has a lot to offer, such as the castle and the fortress Åkerhus, the Dom where the peace nobel prize is awarded or one of its many museums.

Day 3: Bergen - Oslo
We leave Oslo and drive over the Hardangervidda mountains to Bergen. The Hardangervidda is an experience on itself with pretty valleys, majestic mountains, glaciers and large wild reindeer tribes. On our way will will pass the Vøringsfossen, which is Norway's most famous waterfall, with a height of 145 meters. At the end of the day we arrive in Bergen, the gate of the Fjords. We will stay here for the next two nights.

Day 4: Bergen
During a city walk we get a nice impression of this modern city, with the seven mountains that lie directly around Bergen. Because of the steep mountains and islands in front of the city, it has a natural harbour. The museum Trollhaugen is where Edvard Grieg lived and composed a lot of his work. Grieg had no interest at all in writing the music for the play Peer Gynt. In the end, his appreciation for this piece came after the prèmiere. If the weather in Bergen is good enough, we will visit the lookout on the mountain. From here you have an impressive view over Bergen and the Altantic ocean.

Day 5: Bergen - Rondablikk
The tour today goes through the Norwegian fjord landscape via Flåm, Kaupanger and Gaupne along the Sognefjord and over the Sognefjell, the highest mountain pass in the north of Europe with a height of 1434 meters. Here the mountains tops will be covered in snow throughout the year. Via Lom with its typical Stave Church from 1270 we go to Rondablikk, which lies on top of the mountain and gives a great view over the Norwegian landscape. The next two nights are in Rondablikk.

Day 6: Peer Gynt festival
Today you can have a nice sleep in. At the end of the morning you will receive an introduction about the play Peer Gynt, which we will visit tonight. Then we drive the Peer Gynt route over the mountains and through the valleys to Gålå. At the festival our dinner is served at Anita's restaurant. This is in a tent, where Moroccan cooking is done just as Peer Gynt would cook, when Peer was in Morocco. Regardless of the weather, we have the highlight of this trip the performance of Peer Gynt on the lake in the area where he grew up. Because of the magical environment, this is a very special play and gives a great view of the Norwegian landscape. The next two nights are in Rondablikk.

Day 7: Maihaugen - Lillehammer
At the end of this morning we leave for Lillehammer and visit the open-air museum Maihaugen. The houses here are an example of how the people used to live and is a nice connection to the performance of the night before. Later in the afternoon you will still have time to visit Lillehammer on your own and to do your last shopping.

Day 8: Lillehammer - Home
Today we drive from Lillehammer to the aiport of Oslo. From Oslo you will fly back home. 


  • Ride with minivan
  • Experienced driver / tour guide
  • Accommodations (half board)
  • City tour in Oslo and Bergen
  • Entrance fees for the museums
  • Overnight stays Rondablikk Hoyfjellhotel (breakfast)
  • Dinner in Hotel Rondablikk Dinner Anita’s Restaurant
  • Peer Gynt Festival entrance fee and a seat cushion that you can use during the play

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